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Welcome to Bayou Town!


                BAYOU TOWN Productions, LLC launched the BAYOU TOWN STORE in 2019 on Etsy to give us a place to sell our many requested hand-crafted items made by our family of 3 at the time.  With finances as they were after job loss and a health crisis, we turned to our own collective skills to craft much needed products from what we already had on hand.  This included soaps, detergents, lotions, cosmetics, personal hygiene items, clothing, curtains, bedding, furniture, utensils, organic garden soils and fertilizers, etc.  We repurposed materials from what we already had on hand including clothing and sheets and we began using the wood from our own 7-acre forest.  With so many chemicals surrounding us every day in simple household items, we determined to use natural or organic materials as much as possible such as cotton, untreated wood, steel, and iron.  It matters to us that we produce products that are made frugally but long lasting and of course, they also need to be functional and attractive!  Our kitchen tools and household items are the works of art we enjoy in our home, and we wanted it to be the same for our customers.

              While we were doing this for ourselves, we were amazed that folks we knew and didn’t know wanted to purchase the products we were making.  Cherie has often been stopped in public by ladies asking her where she bought the skirt she was wearing and how they could purchase one – thus the BAYOU TOWN Store was launched!  We are still quite young in this process but we are having a lot of fun learning new skills, growing our inventory, but mostly meeting and learning from our customers what they need or would like to find in the store.  We like to think of the BAYOU TOWN Store as Mr. Boudreaux’s General Store where we can sit on the porch and enjoy a chat with friends.

              What might surprise you is that we use traditional skills and tools to make our products.  Cherie sews all her products on a non-electric treadle sewing machine.  She “pedals” her wares with foot action on the machine and even repairs her own machine.  Joseph turns many of his wood products  on a lathe and hand carves items such as spoons.  Ron makes many of our furniture items from our forest with hand tools. 

              As our following grows, so does our partnerships with talented friends who have added their products to our store.  Sam is our contributing blacksmith.  He crafts everything from jewelry to large pieces of furniture.  Harold is also a contributor of beautiful wood products such as bowls and spoons.  Gwen repurposes dog food and bird seed bags to make purses and wallets.  Marybeth contributes home grown dried herbs and soup mixes.

              We are ever expanding and growing and have now launched our own store website.  We are no longer on Etsy.  In the next few months, we will not only be making many additions to the BAYOU TOWN Store, but we will also be adding instructional videos to our YouTube channel of how we do what we do so you can too!  Soon, we will be selling kits for Advent calendars and crafts.  Thank you for stopping by and thank you for supporting our store and our mission!

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